Parents’ FAQ: Can my family do Hong Kong sightseeing tour and go to amusement park easily in one day? YES!

Families can have Hong Kong private tour and visit amusement park in one day Apart from catering their children’s needs and wants, most parents want to keep some time for sightseeing during the family trips. So when parents sent email to Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour service, they…

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Big families visiting Hong Kong shouldn’t rely on MTR

Big families shouldn’t use crowded Hong Kong MTR to go sightseeing Big families traveling to Hong Kong need to figure out how to go sightseeing. A lot of big families just rely on the so-called convenient MTR to visit different places in Hong Kong.   Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide thinks that…

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Where can travelers see the cute animals in Hong Kong?

Travelers see funny animals at many places in Hong Kong It is good to see the cute animals during your trip.   The funny animals can make the bored young kids excited. The beautiful animals can be the models of the enthusiastic photographers. Frank the tour guide is going to show you where travelers can see…

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How to make big family Hong Kong trip easy?


Hong Kong private bus tour makes big family trip easy Big family trip and large family cruise are very common today. However the families all face the common pain point, trip planning. It is annoying having to organize the things to do, places to go, what do eat etc. for a big family.   If…

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Easy Hong Kong private tour can cater for family members’ different wants and needs

Easy Hong Kong private tour can cater for family members' different wants and needs

Families can use easy Hong Kong private tour to satisfy members’ different wants Catering family members’ different wants is the common pain point for families on vacation.   Fathers worry about sightseeing, transportation and dining arrangement. Mothers want to do more in one day to save time for shopping. Young children thirst for Ocean Park…

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Hong Kong private car tour is the safe mini travel bubble for Singapore travelers’ kids

Hong Kong private car tour is the safe mini travel bubble for your kids.

Singapore travelers get a safe mini travel bubble for kids in Hong Kong private car tour As summer holiday is coming, this is the time to plan the summer trip for the kids.   Under the Air Travel Bubble, Singapore parents may bring their children to Hong Kong to say hello to Mickey Mouse at…

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What benefits can travelers get from the reform of Hong Kong Ocean Park?

What benefits can travelers get from the reform of Hong Kong Ocean Park

Analyze Hong Kong Ocean Park reform’s benefits to travelers Hong Kong Ocean Park, which was hard hit by the riot in 2019 and pandemic in 2020, announces its rejuvenation plan.   Frank the tour guide is going to analyze what benefits travelers can get from Ocean Park’s reform.   Frank also benefits from the Ocean…

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Jumbo Restaurant is saved under Government’s “Invigorating Island South” Project

Can Jumbo become the training restaurant and performing venue

Hong Kong SAR Government saves the closed Jumbo Floating Restaurant Hong Kong Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam announced the good news for Hong Kong tourism in her fourth Policy Address on 25 November 2020.   The closed Jumbo Floating Restaurant will be revived under the “Invigorating Island South” Project. The revitalization project is made possible…

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“Hong Kong Theme Park – Ocean Park Hong Kong” Special Stamps show hope for the major tourist spot in the international city

Ocean Park Special Stamp Presentation Pack

New stamp after new funding shows hope for the poverty-stricken Ocean Park Hong Kong Hong Kong Post issues the new special stamps for the Hong Kong Ocean Park.   The stamps with six different kinds of cute animals in Ocean Park show hope for this famous and popular tourist spot in Hong Kong.   After…

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