Let’s learn Chinese character “旅” (Brigade or Travel) and why private tour is prevailing

Travel's Chinese character

From brigade to travel, from big group tour to private car tour Chinese character “旅” (pronounces as “leoi” in Cantonese Dialect) has a military background.   It shows a 500 soldiers brigade following the army flag to have the expedition.   This looks like an old style sightseeing tour, which the regimented tourist group follows…

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Small private car tour will thrive after pandemic because smaller is better

Frank the tour guide with male and female clients

Private car tour will thrive after Covid-19 because smaller is better  Cruise industry is hard hit by the Covid-19 outbreak. All cruises once stopped. Some small river cruises planned to resume in August and they were cancelled at last. But one blog post for river cruise just shows the advantages of small cruise.   These…

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