Frank’s “No shrimp dumpling, still delicious” snapshots video

No shrimp dumpling, but still delicious video screenshot

“No shrimp dumpling, still delicious” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “No shrimp dumpling, still delicious” video. Frank just wants to introduce some less famous but yummy dim sum to travelers through the video.   Travelers can taste the popular steamed BBQ pork bun.   Steamed fish ball,…

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Western style baked BBQ pork bun in Hong Kong’s dim sum restaurant

Western style BBQ Pork Bun

Hong Kong dim sum restaurant’s Western style BBQ Pork Bun Char Siu Bao  (叉燒包)  or Steamed BBQ Pork Bun is the well-known dim sum in Hong Kong’s restaurants.   Most Western diners like the bun’s fillings. But quite a lot of them may not like the outside of the bun, the marshmallow-like steamed dough. Actually Western…

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