Tour guide Frank’s clients won’t need dim sum takeaway service in Hong Kong…

Counter for dim sum takeaway service at Hong Kong's local restaurant.

Easy Hong Kong full day private tour includes local dim sum lunch When you TIY (tour it yourselves), you may need to buy takeaway food for a quick lunch as you run out of valuable time!   To go sightseeing and enjoy local dim sum lunch in Hong Kong easily, you can book tour guide…

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Frank’s “Dim sum lunch for you” snapshots video

Dim sum lunch for you video screenshot

“Dim sum lunch for you” video of Frank After trying a local restaurant at Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island, Frank makes a short video to show you his tasty dim sum lunch. A lot of travelers want to try Hong Kong’s signature dish, dim sum, at the authentic local restaurants during their Hong Kong…

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Frank’s “Hong Kong is…???!!!” snapshots video

“Hong Kong is…???!!!” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “Hong Kong is…???!!!” video. Hong Kong is the city with the stunning view.   Hong Kong is the densely populated city with compact and tall residential buildings.   Hong Kong is the dining capital with good local Cantonese…

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Frank’s “1000 layers cake?” snapshots video

1000 layers cake video screenshot

“1000 layers cake?” video of Frank Frank the tour guide found a traditional but rare dim sum, 1000 layers cake when he went to Tuen Mun New Town to find a local restaurant for the included lunch of the Lantau Island West New Territories full day private tour under planning. Frank uses his snapshots to…

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Frank’s “No shrimp dumpling, still delicious” snapshots video

No shrimp dumpling, but still delicious video screenshot

“No shrimp dumpling, still delicious” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “No shrimp dumpling, still delicious” video. Frank just wants to introduce some less famous but yummy dim sum to travelers through the video.   Travelers can taste the popular steamed BBQ pork bun.   Steamed fish ball,…

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Which Hong Kong private tours are suitable to Singapore travelers under travel bubble?

Hong Kong private tour recommendations to Singapore travelers under travel bubble

Hong Kong private tour recommendations to Singapore travelers under travel bubble Due to the new wave of Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore, the relaunch of Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble will likely be postponed again (For further details, please browse the report of the Straits Times). Fully vaccinated Frank the tour guide is optimistic about the…

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Western style baked BBQ pork bun in Hong Kong’s dim sum restaurant

Western style BBQ Pork Bun

Hong Kong dim sum restaurant’s Western style BBQ Pork Bun Char Siu Bao  (叉燒包)  or Steamed BBQ Pork Bun is the well-known dim sum in Hong Kong’s restaurants.   Most Western diners like the bun’s fillings. But quite a lot of them may not like the outside of the bun, the marshmallow-like steamed dough. Actually Western…

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Breaking news: stamps show Santa Claus enjoys a working holiday in Hong Kong!

Santa Claus enjoys dim sum.

Hong Kong Post’s Christmas stamps show Hong Kong working holiday journey of Santa Claus When Santa Claus delivers presents in Hong Kong, he also tours around the city with his helpers and friends, reindeer, gingerbread men and snowman! Actually this is the main theme of the 2020 Christmas stamps of Hong Kong Post.   Frank the…

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The perfect match in Hong Kong dim sum restaurant, steamed beef ball with bean curd sheet and sour Worcestershire sauce

Eat the beef ball when it is hot.

Chinese steamed beef ball and English Worcestershire sauce – what a perfect match Chinese-style steamed beef ball with bean curd sheet is a popular dim sum in Hong Kong’s dim sum restaurant. However, eaters can only taste the best steamed beef ball by adding the English sour Worcestershire sauce.   This perfect match between Chinese dim…

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Noodle with Chinese BBQ is the best choice for solo travelers in Hong Kong

Collage for Rubber Noodle with Roasted Goose Leg. Rubber Noodle is the nickname of Lai Fun, one kind of rice noodle.

Frank recommends noodle with Chinese BBQ to solo travelers in Hong Kong A lot of Western travelers like Chinese BBQ of Hong Kong. For solo travelers, they always face difficulty when they order Chinese BBQ.   The whole goose or whole chicken is too much for them. Frank the tour guide recommends the noodle with…

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