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Disabled travelers shouldn’t rely on smart phone only

Over reliance on smart phone is disabled travelers' common mistake

Over reliance on smart phone is disabled travelers’ common mistake Most disabled travelers and travelers with mobility issues rely on the mobile internet and smart phone to search the travel information to TIY (tour it yourselves) at the destinations. However, over reliance on smart phone is the common mistake of disabled travelers nowadays.   The…

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Let’s learn the Chinese character for cluster (集), but don’t cluster together under Covid-19 pandemic

Chinese character for Cluster has an origin, a drawing showing cute birds flocking on a tree

Chinese Character for cluster (集) shows birds flocking on a tree  Chinese character for cluster (集 pronounces as zaap6) originally was a drawing, which shows birds are flocking on a tree.   Frank the tour guide is going to analyze the character “集” and show its changes.   Like birds, people like social gatherings. However,…

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