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Frank and parents enjoy Lobster E-Fu noodle to celebrate the relaxation of social distance rule

Frank and parents enjoy E-Fu noodle with lobster at local restaurant after the relaxation of social distancing rule

Frank the tour guide and parents eat E-Fu noodle with lobster at local restaurant to celebrate social distance rule relaxation Hong Kong SAR Government just relaxes social distance rule for restaurants. It just increases the number of people at restaurant tables from 2 to 4. Frank celebrates this relaxation with parents at local restaurant. Frank…

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CHEAPER for late eaters

Dumpling rice flat noodle soybean milk water

My late supper, dumpling rice flat noodle with soybean milk! The water is free! For travelers, please remember, if YOU have lunch late (after 1400) and dinner late (after 2100, which becomes YOUR late night supper…), YOU can often get discount at the local restaurants. If YOU want to save more for shopping, please be…

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