Frank’s “Beef brisket noodles tea set” snapshots video

Beef brisket noodles tea set video screenshot

“Beef brisket noodles tea set” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “Beef brisket noodles tea set” video to show you the famous local delicacies of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s local tea cafés have a lot of different afternoon tea sets to attract the diners after 2 pm….

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What did Frank the tour guide post at social media this week (22-26 Feb 2021)?

Hong Kong skyline, Jardine House, Sweet rice ball, milk tea

Collection of Frank’s social media posts (22 to 26 Feb 2021) This post is the collection of Frank the tour guide’s posts at social media from 22 to 26 Feb 2021.   Readers can follow Frank the tour guide’s social media.     Frank is eager to share more about his country China, city Hong…

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