Around Hong Kong Island in 8 hours full day private car tour

Around Hong Kong Island in 8 hours full day private car tour highlights

During the in-depth, easy and enjoyable 8-hour private tour, YOU can see Hong Kong Island’s major highlights, Victoria Peak, Aberdeen and Stanley. YOU can visit the hidden gem, the Monster Building/Transformer Building, to see the overcrowded Hong Kong. Tour includes dim sum lunch, Peak Tram ride, sampan ride and double-decker tram ride.

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Which Hong Kong attraction is cruise passengers’ favorite?

Victoria Peak is the favorite Hong Kong attraction of cruise passengers

Victoria Peak is cruisers’ favorite Hong Kong attraction Cruise passengers’ favorite Hong Kong attraction is Victoria Peak.   After visiting the Peak with cruise passengers numerous time during his easy Hong Kong private shore excursion, Frank the tour guide tries to summarize the cruisers’ reasons to love the Peak. The interesting Peak Tram ride excited…

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Travelers’ four common mistakes at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak

Hong Kong's Victoria Peak

Travelers often make 4 mistakes at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak  Victoria Peak is travelers’ must-go sightseeing point in Hong Kong.   However, travelers often make mistakes when they visit this famous hilltop.   Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide is going to show readers travelers’ four common mistakes at Victoria Peak in this…

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Does migration wave reflect Hong Kong’s dim future? NO…

Migration wave can be good to Hong Kong

Migration wave can be good to Hong Kong Recently quite a lot of Hong Kong citizens have migrated to other countries.   The migrants and their relatives cry sadly at the Hong Kong Airport Departure Hall.   There are a lot of emotional photos on the social media.   Some foreign expats may think that…

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