Things to do for travelers staying in hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui

Autumn Clear view of Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront from Star Ferry Boat

A to do list for travelers staying in Tsim Sha Tsui’s hotels During their Hong Kong trips, a lot of travelers choose to stay in the hotels at the major tourist area, Tsim Sha Tsui, in Kowloon.   Frank the tour guide is going to offer a to do list for those travelers… Apart from…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for your boss?

The best Hong Kong attraction for your boss is Kam Shan Country Park.

Best Hong Kong attraction for your boss is Kam Shan Country Park Secretaries and assistants often need to recommend the sightseeing points and things-to-do in Hong Kong to their bosses. Secretaries and assistants should choose something far away from the main commercial areas and out of the common tourist track for your bosses.   The…

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How to make big family Hong Kong trip easy?


Hong Kong private bus tour makes big family trip easy Big family trip and large family cruise are very common today. However the families all face the common pain point, trip planning. It is annoying having to organize the things to do, places to go, what do eat etc. for a big family.   If…

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Tips for adults for cruising with senior parents

ICC Building, white cruise ship, cruise terminal

Learn the followings before cruising with elderly parents  The dormant cruise industry sees the dawn of revival after the commencement of Covid-19 vaccination programme. The cruise lines are selling the world cruise packages for 2022 and 2023. The grown-up sons and daughters are planning the cruise holidays with their senior parents again.   After reading…

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Other names for Hong Kong’s famous hills

Lantau Peak, Kowloon Peak, Lion Rock

Other names for the famous mountains in Hong Kong Hong Kong’s scenery is special. It is the fusion of amazing architectures, great sea view and beautiful hills!   The names of the high mountains can show their landscape, local history and people’s creativity.   The old local guide books recorded a lot of different other…

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What might Prince Edward do in a 2 hours Kowloon private tour in 1922?

2 hours Kowloon private short tour of Prince Edward in 1922 Quite a lot of travelers think that except for markets, Kowloon does not have much things-to-see and things-to-do. Actually there are a lot of hidden gems in Kowloon. Maybe Prince Edward from England wanted to see those hidden gems, he just squeezed out 2…

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Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel’s room rate and surroundings in 1938 and 2020

Peninsula Hotel night view in 2016 Christmas

Compare the room rate and surroundings of Peninsula Hotel in 1938 and 2020 Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel is an attraction because of its grand architecture, beautiful interior and long history.   Frank the tour guide finds the interesting details of the hotel in an old Hong Kong guidebook (香港指南).   In this blog post, Frank…

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