Senior travelers shouldn’t underestimate weather & transportation challenge in Hong Kong

Senior travelers should plan a relaxed and easy Hong Kong trip for themselves.

Hong Kong’s muggy weather & clumsy MTR annoy senior travelers The special colonial history, good scenery and convenient airport make Hong Kong to be a lot of senior travelers’ destination and layover stop. Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide discovers that senior travelers often make the common mistake in the so-called convenient Hong…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for the big families?

Best Hong Kong attraction for big families is Big Buddha

Best Hong Kong attraction for big families is Big Buddha When big families travel together, they want to find the big enough sightseeing points. So the families can go sightseeing and dining together. Different family members can do and buy what they like. Big Buddha at Ngong Ping Lantau Island is the best Hong Kong…

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Private car tour helps business travelers with limited time to tour Hong Kong easily

Business travelers can go sightseeing easily in the easy Hong Kong private car tour.

Hong Kong private car tour helps busy business travelers to go sightseeing easily Apart from making business deals, a lot of business travelers want to go sightseeing during the Hong Kong business trip. However busy foreign businessmen mostly do not have a lot of free time. This is the common pain point for the foreign…

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