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What authentic local food can travelers eat to keep warm in Hong Kong?

5 authentic local food for travelers to keep warm in Hong Kong

5 authentic local food for travelers to keep warm in Hong Kong Hong Kong is very cold in this winter. For Hong Kong Observatory’s forecast and explanation, please browse Frank’s old post. Although Hong Kong’s very cold weather won’t last for too long, travelers may still meet this special local Hong Kong experience during the…

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Home-made congee for breakfast

Frank enjoys father's home-made congee

Breakfast with home-made congee Frank the tour guide’s father always makes congee (juk) at home on weekends. So the standard breakfast for Frank’s family is the plain congee (Ba Juk) or congee with different ingredients. Travelers, YOU can follow this post to make YOUR own congee at home before YOUR trip to the dining capital, Hong…

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Enjoy breakfast at Hong Kong fast food shop

Fast Food Shop breakfast set

Enjoy Hong Kong fast food shop’s breakfast set There are two fast food shop groups in Hong Kong, Café de Coral and Fairwood. They have a lot of shops all over Hong Kong. They offer YOU something similar to the Cha Chan Ten for breakfast. They have a Chinese and English bilingual menu at the…

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