Layover travelers’ FAQ: What is the closest attraction to Hong Kong Airport? Big Buddha!

The closest attraction to Hong Kong Airport is Big Buddha

The closest attraction to Hong Kong Airport is Big Buddha Normally a lot of layover travelers want to take the chance to go sightseeing when they have the Hong Kong layover.   As they are not familiar with Hong Kong, they may just want to visit the highlight near the Hong Kong Airport when they…

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Frank the tour guide cures your wanderlust by his landing at Hong Kong Airport video

A380 landing Hong Kong Airport From Sky Deck

Frank’s landing at Hong Kong Airport video cures your wanderlust  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people cannot travel by planes now. Frank the tour guide just makes a video about landing at Hong Kong Airport with good scenery to try tocure your wanderlust. Frank took the videos at the end of his 2018 North…

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Travelers can plan a Bali holiday with Hong Kong stopover as Bali reopens on 11 September 2020

Bali holiday with Hong Kong stopover

As Bali reopens on 11 September, travelers may plan their Bali trip with Hong Kong layover tour Latest UPDATE: Bali’s reopening will be postponed to 2021… After the reopening of Maldives, another holiday hotspot for sun and beach, Bali, is going to reopen on 11 September 2020. Although there are still a lot of restrictions…

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Latest development for Cathay Pacific Airline, your Hong Kong stopover partner

Cathay Pacific Airline logo

Your Hong Kong layover partner, Cathay Pacific Airline’s latest development under Covid-19 Hong Kong flagship airline and a lot of travelers’ Hong Kong layover partner, Cathay Pacific Airline, encounters a lot of different difficulties since mid-2019.   The so-called Anti-extradition bill protest and the ensued Minneapolis-style riot first caused the airline’s 50% passenger drop. The…

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Plan your Maldives private villas trip with stopover tour at Hong Kong

sky, sea, resort

Stopover tour at Hong Kong before enjoying yourself at Maldives private villas Planning is important for the future. So even under Covid-19 related lock down, you can plan your future long haul trip. Maldives, the pretty nation with one island one resort in Indian Ocean, just reopened to travelers on 15 July 2020. (read CNN’s…

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Fly to see New Zealand’s beautiful waterfalls with a stopover at Hong Kong

waterfall, forest

Fly to New Zealand for pretty waterfalls after easy Hong Kong layover tour New Zealand has beautiful countryside. Travelers can fly to New Zealand to see the 8 great waterfalls, which are chosen by the Explore Our Globe.   For US, European and British travelers, if the direct flight to New Zealand is too long…

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