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Frank’s best 2021 Hong Kong snapshots video

Frank's four Hong Kong snapshots in 2021

Best 2021 Hong Kong snapshots video of Frank the tour guide  Frank the tour guide uses his best snapshots to make a short video to record his 2021. Frank continued to visit different places in Hong Kong to take photos and plan the new private tour itineraries in 2021. Frank looks forward to showing you…

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Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas and see you in 2022 Frank the tour guide wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Frank believes that Santa Claus tries his best to deliver Christmas gifts to everyone on time!   Frank looks forward to helping travelers dodge the crowds during the busy festive season in easy Hong Kong private tour service. See…

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Frank’s “Christmas light displays at Tsim Sha Tsui East 2021” snapshots video

The screenshot of Christmas light displays at Tsim Sha Tsui East 2021 video

“Christmas light displays at Tsim Sha Tsui East 2021” video of Frank After visiting East Tsim Sha Tsui, Frank the tour guide makes a short video to share his snapshots for the Christmas light displays of 2021. This is the 39th “Tsim Sha Tsui East Festive Illuminations”.     Most of the short and big…

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Frank’s “Harbour City Christmas decorations 2021” snapshots video

Harbour City Christmas decorations 2021 video screenshot

“Harbour City Christmas decorations 2021” video of Frank Frank the tour guide makes the snapshot video to show you the Christmas decorations of Harbour City Mall of 2021. The festive decorations of giant Harbour City Mall are always the focus of Hong Kong citizens and travelers during Christmas.   In 2021, when the adjacent cruise…

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Frank the tour guide got the second jap of Covid-19 vaccine in April

The Covid-19 vaccination record shows Frank the tour guide (Law Chi Leung) has been fully vaccinated.

Frank the tour guide has been fully vaccinated in April Frank the tour guide and his mother received the second jap of Covid-19 vaccine in the private clinic on 2 April 2021.   Frank and mom did not feel any side effect. The antibodies should provide protection against Covid-19 infection now. The Covid-19 vaccines are beneficial…

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Chinese character for illness (疾) shows patients’ conditions vividly

The left is the Chinese character for illness today. The right is the Oracle-bone inscription for the character in the past.

Patients’ conditions are vividly shown in the Chinese character for illness (疾)  Coronavirus should be one of the most searchable words on different search engines in 2020. The Covid-19-led illness causes big impacts to the world and people. The Chinese character for illness (疾) actually shows you why the patients fall ill, their symptom and condition….

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Reasons to BOOK your 2021 cruise NOW and plan your shore excursion NOW

Star Cruise returns to Hong Kong during sunset

Why you should take action to BOOK your 2021 cruise and PLAN your shore excursion NOW  The post at shares 7 reasons to book your cruise for 2021 now.   Frank the tour guide sees the post is reasonable. Frank is going to post the reasons with his own comments in this blog post. Frank…

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FAQ for August 2020: I want to see if Frank is still offering private guide services in 2021? YES!

Collage, Frank the tour guide with clients

Will Frank be a private guide in 2021 and in the future…YES! Although tourism is now at a complete standstill, Frank the tour guide still receives the questions from potential clients about their trips in 2021. Cruisers are actually planning their cruise holiday for 2021! Apart from asking for the private tour options, they all…

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