Frank’s “Dim sum lunch for you” snapshots video

Dim sum lunch for you video screenshot

“Dim sum lunch for you” video of Frank After trying a local restaurant at Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island, Frank makes a short video to show you his tasty dim sum lunch. A lot of travelers want to try Hong Kong’s signature dish, dim sum, at the authentic local restaurants during their Hong Kong…

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Which Hong Kong attraction is couples’ favorite?

Stanley is couples' favorite Hong Kong attraction

Stanley is couples’ favorite Hong Kong attraction Couples’ favorite Hong Kong attraction is Stanley on Hong Kong Island.   After visiting Stanley with traveling couples numerous time during his easy Hong Kong Island private tour, Frank the tour guide tries to summarize couples’ reasons to love Stanley.   Couples can enjoy good view on the…

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Where can travelers see the cute animals in Hong Kong?

Travelers see funny animals at many places in Hong Kong It is good to see the cute animals during your trip.   The funny animals can make the bored young kids excited. The beautiful animals can be the models of the enthusiastic photographers. Frank the tour guide is going to show you where travelers can see…

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Frank the tour guide’s posts about Hong Kong’s pretty flowers at social media

Frank the tour guide's posts about Hong Kong's pretty flowers at social media

Collection of Frank the tour guide’s social media posts about Hong Kong flowers Frank the tour guide has five posts about Hong Kong’s flowers in his social media this week.   This post is going to show Frank’s posts at Facebook. You may follow Frank the tour guide’s social media… [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS]     Apart from…

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Frank recollects busy Chinese New Year through clients’ good reviews

Frank the tour guide and clients during Chinese New Year at Hung Hom

Good reviews help Frank to recollect the busy Lunar New Year  Chinese New Year holidays were the busy moment for Frank the tour guide in the past. Frank left home early to serve clients on the Lunar New Year Day.   Frank once helped his former employer, the closed travel agent Jetway Express Ltd., to conduct…

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Did all VIPs get good weather during their Hong Kong visits?

Victoria harbor clear view, foggy view, Grant, Connaught, Zaifeng, Chaplin

Everyone is equal before the weather! All travelers want to meet pleasant weather during their trips. Travelers like enough sunshine, mild temperature and high visibility at their destinations.   Some clients once asked Frank the tour guide whether the VIPs got good weather or not when they visited Hong Kong.   Frank is going to…

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The perfect match in Hong Kong dim sum restaurant, steamed beef ball with bean curd sheet and sour Worcestershire sauce

Eat the beef ball when it is hot.

Chinese steamed beef ball and English Worcestershire sauce – what a perfect match Chinese-style steamed beef ball with bean curd sheet is a popular dim sum in Hong Kong’s dim sum restaurant. However, eaters can only taste the best steamed beef ball by adding the English sour Worcestershire sauce.   This perfect match between Chinese dim…

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Frank’s video shows you local Cantonese restaurant’s signature dishes, decorations and facilities

banquet start, tea pot, cokes, Chinese barbecue assortments

See local Cantonese restaurant’s signature dishes, decorations and facilities from Frank’s video Frank the tour guide makes a short video to show everyone local Cantonese restaurant’s signature dishes, decorations and facilities. This post further describes those things by words.   You may have Frank the tour guide’s private car tour to enjoy, see and experience…

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