Tour guide Frank’s new year gift is a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot

Frank the tour guide got the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine as new year gift.

Frank the tour guide got the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine as new year gift Happy new year again! What is your new year gift for 2022? How much do you pay for it? On 1st January, tour guide Frank got a Sinovac COVID-19 booster shot as his new year present!   Like the first…

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Is Samuel Bickett’s case related to National Security Law for Hong Kong SAR? NO!

US lawyer's case is not related to the National Security Law for Hong Kong SAR

Samuel Bickett’s case isn’t related to Hong Kong National Security Law American lawyer Samuel Bickett’s conviction for attacking an off-duty police officer in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay MTR Station has become a hot issue on internet due to the tweets of Samuel, reports of Western press and comments of netizens.   Expats in Hong Kong should…

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Travelers four common mistakes in the New Territories

Highlights in the New Territories

Travelers often make 4 mistakes in the New Territories Hong Kong The New Territories is the largest part of Hong Kong SAR. Apart from the city center, travelers should visit this interesting place more.   However, travelers are unfamiliar with the New Territories and often make mistakes there. Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide…

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Easy Hong Kong private tour helps elderly overseas Chinese to realize their desire

A lot of grandpas and grandmas, who are overseas Chinese, want their grandkids to learn Chinese culture in a China trip.

Old overseas Chinese fulfill their desire in Hong Kong private tour Most senior overseas Chinese, Chinese Americans, British Chinese etc., hope they can tell their grown-up children and grandchildren their Chinese origins. However, the young and the kids may be lukewarm about the Chinese culture after eating a lot of hamburgers and fish and chips…

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Hong Kong may have cruise to nowhere in this high summer

Cruise berths at the Ocean Terminal

Citizens may be able to cruise to nowhere from Hong Kong in summer According to the Hong Kong SAR Government official, in this high summer, vaccinated Hong Kong citizens may be able to join the “cruise to nowhere” program.   This is really a boost to local tourism industry after the second postponement of the…

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Foreign expats can ask a “made in Hong Kong” private tour guide about Hong Kong’s National Security Law and pandemic management

Made in Hong Kong private guide is willing to answer expats' questions about Hong Kong

“Made in Hong Kong” private guide is willing to allay expats’ concerns about Hong Kong A recent survey shows 42% of expats want to leave Hong Kong because of the Covid-19 pandemic management and National Security Law.   If foreign expats ask “made in Hong Kong” Frank the tour guide about the two issues, Frank…

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Strengthen your travel bubble by the easy Hong Kong private tour

Strengthen your travel bubble by a Hong Kong private tour

Easy Hong Kong private tour strengthens Singapore travelers’ travel bubble The Air Travel Bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong SAR will resume on 26 May 2021. Singapore travelers can strengthen the travel bubble by the easy Hong Kong private tour.   The fully vaccinated Frank the tour guide and Sam the driver will serve you…

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Hong Kong’s smooth vaccination programme further opens up to people aged 30 or above

The logo of Hong Kong SAR Government Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Hong Kong vaccination campaign accelerates to cover most of the population Hong Kong SAR’s Covid-19 vaccination programme has begun on 26 Feb 2021.   The cumulative number of persons who have received their first jabs of vaccine has exceeded 200,000 on 15 March 2021 (You may check the most updated date here). This encouraging result…

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Chinese epidemiologist’s encouraging suggestion: China and America should lift Covid-19 travel bans if herd immunity reached!

Website for vaccination registration of Hong Kong SAR Government

Chinese expert suggests ending Sino-US mutual travel ban under herd immunity  In an online forum organized by Chinese Tsinghua University and US’s Brookings Institution on COVID-19 prevention and treatment, Chinese epidemiologist Mr. Wu Zunyou suggests that China and America should lift Covid-19 travel bans if herd immunity reached (The related news report is here)! According to the current…

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Hope vaccination brings cruisers the freedom of booking private shore excursion independently again in 2023 Oceania Around the World Cruise

Oceania Insignia at sea

Vaccine may bring Insignia’s passengers chances to book private shore excursions independently in 2023 According to the post of Cruise fever, the 2023 Oceania World Cruise sells very well. This first shows cruisers have a very strong wanderlust to take the Oceania’s Insignia cruise to travel around the world in 218 days.   This also shows…

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