Sons’ and daughters’ FAQ: Will my parents need to walk a lot during Hong Kong tour? NO!

Senior clients can have nice walk during easy Hong Kong private tour, but don't need to walk too much!

Your parents won’t walk too much during easy Hong Kong private tour A lot of filial sons and daughters arrange the China trip or Asian cruise holiday for their senior parents to celebrate parents’ birthday or wedding anniversary.   The children all care about their parents health and are curious about the activity level of…

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Honeymooners’ FAQ: Will others join my tour? NO!

Honeymooners can visit Victoria Peak at their own easy Hong Kong private tour.

Honeymooners’ HK private tour won’t have other tourists Sweet newlyweds want to spend every moment together during their romantic honeymoon. So honeymooners had a frequently asked question (FAQ) when they emailed Frank the tour guide to ask about the Hong Kong private tour service: Will other people join my tour?   Frank the tour guide’s…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for overseas Chinese?

Best Hong Kong attraction for overseas Chinese is Chi Lin Nunnery

Best Hong Kong attraction for overseas Chinese is Chi Lin Nunnery Most senior overseas Chinese want to visit more Chinese cultural attractions during their China trip. In Hong Kong, the best sightseeing point for overseas Chinese is Chi Lin Nunnery. Chi Lin Nunnery is a tranquil, smokeless and environmental-friendly Buddhist temple in East Kowloon.  …

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Puzzled by Hong Kong trip planning? Frank the tour guide has planned easy private tour for you!

Hong Kong trip planning is difficult

Frank the tour guide plans easy private tour to solve your Hong Kong trip planning problem Every traveler want to have a smooth Hong Kong trip. Travelers all want to do more and see more in Hong Kong. So travelers become the amateur travel planners to try hard to make a good travel plan before…

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Did all VIPs get good weather during their Hong Kong visits?

Victoria harbor clear view, foggy view, Grant, Connaught, Zaifeng, Chaplin

Everyone is equal before the weather! All travelers want to meet pleasant weather during their trips. Travelers like enough sunshine, mild temperature and high visibility at their destinations.   Some clients once asked Frank the tour guide whether the VIPs got good weather or not when they visited Hong Kong.   Frank is going to…

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Where can travelers find the toilets in Hong Kong?

Washroom sign in Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

Where should travelers go when they want a toilet in Hong Kong? Toilet is important for everyone. Finding toilet often is the pain point for travelers.   As travelers are unfamiliar with Hong Kong, it may be difficult for travelers to find the toilets, especially when travelers TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves. Made in Hong…

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