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Big fire accident broke out in Jumbo Floating Restaurant on 30 October 1971

On 30 October 1971, a big fire accident happened on Jumbo Floating Restaurant   Jumbo Floating Restaurant at Aberdeen Hong Kong was destroyed by a big fire accident on 30 October 1971.   Although the video is in Chinese, you can see how serious the situation was… Luckily Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho built a new…

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2020 is the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macau” on the World Heritage List

Macau Na Tcha Temple and Old City Wall Macau full day private car tour start at Hong Kong-COLLAGE

Macau celebrates the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macau” on the World Heritage List in 2020 In 2005, the UNESCO acknowledged 22 buildings and 8 squares in Macau to be world heritage buildings.   2020 is the 15th anniversary for this big event for Macau. This is Macau SAR Government promotion video….

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“Hong Kong Theme Park – Ocean Park Hong Kong” Special Stamps show hope for the major tourist spot in the international city

Ocean Park Special Stamp Presentation Pack

New stamp after new funding shows hope for the poverty-stricken Ocean Park Hong Kong Hong Kong Post issues the new special stamps for the Hong Kong Ocean Park.   The stamps with six different kinds of cute animals in Ocean Park show hope for this famous and popular tourist spot in Hong Kong.   After…

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Let’s learn Chinese character “旅” (Brigade or Travel) and why private tour is prevailing

Travel's Chinese character

From brigade to travel, from big group tour to private car tour Chinese character “旅” (pronounces as “leoi” in Cantonese Dialect) has a military background.   It shows a 500 soldiers brigade following the army flag to have the expedition.   This looks like an old style sightseeing tour, which the regimented tourist group follows…

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Differences between Western Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival

Differences between Western Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival

Western Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival are not just different in their names Halloween is coming. Frank the tour guide reads posts about decoration ideas for Halloween and compares the Western Halloween with Chinese Ghost Festival. Actually their duration, aim, ceremony, customs and decoration are very different.     Frank is going to share the differences between…

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Have the trees frosted on the day of Frost’s Descent in Hong Kong?

frosty yellow leaf

NO! Hong Kong is still in the warm autumn time… 23 October 2020 is the 18th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Frost’s Descent. It means the late autumn has come. The weather in the northern part of China becomes cold enough to make the trees frosty especially in the early…

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Tour it yourself (TIY) the reopened HSBC lion statues and private tour for other great statues in Hong Kong

Frank the tour guide takes selfie with Stephen.

TIY the Reopened HSBC Lion Statues and have private tour for other Hong Kong great statues  The two lion statues of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) just reopen on 22 October 2020 after finishing the first phrase of maintenance. The British-owned “the World’s local bank” finds a local fund shui master to host the…

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See pretty sunset in the fall of Hong Kong easily

Cityscape plus sunset at Mong Kok

Enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful sunset in autumn easily Hong Kong’s autumn mostly has a vast clear and cloudless sky with high visibility (You may browse this post about Hong Kong’s pleasant weather in autumn.). Travelers can TIY (tour it yourself) to see the pretty sunset of Hong Kong at Star Ferry Pier, Tsuen Wan Waterfront…

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You should visit Hong Kong in the fall because of pleasant weather

Pleasant weather is your main reason to visit Hong Kong in autumn

Pleasant weather is the main reason for you to visit Hong Kong in autumn You should travel to the sub-tropical Hong Kong in the autumn time (October to November).   It is because Hong Kong has a pleasant weather, i.e. comfortable temperature, suitable humidity and high visibility, in the fall.     Travelers can enjoy good…

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Hong Kong Museum of History will write a better “Hong Kong Story” permanent exhibition 

Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition will undergo a two-year renovation

Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition will undergo a two-year renovation The popular Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History has closed for renovation on 18 Oct 2020.   The museum of history is going to write a better Hong Kong Story in the coming two years by enhancing the old and adding…

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