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Frank the tour guide’s solutions to keep the private car for tour clean

Black Toyota brand mini van

Frank the tour guide shares the dirtiest parts of the car and solutions to keep cleanliness of private car for tour According to the post of Travel + Leisure, the spots with most germs in the private car are driver’s side floor mats, the trunk of the car, front seat cup holder and dashboard air vent. The private car’s cleanliness…

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A colorful new transitional housing block shows Western travelers Chinese idiom and Hong Kong proverb 

Colorful Transitional housing built by containers for poor households in Kowloon

Transitional housing apartments’ limited supply shows Western travelers Chinese idiom and Hong Kong old saying There is a short, new and colorful transitional housing block at Shek Kip Mei in Kowloon.   It is not far away from the Kowloon Road, which Frank just introduced in his blog. There are 89 apartments for the poor…

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The same typhoon pain point for sparrows and travelers in September in Hong Kong

Sparrows are taking rest at the top of the road sign

Typhoon is the common pain point for travelers and sparrows in September in Hong Kong There was a survey to count the number of sparrows in Hong Kong.   The figure of 2020 is 260,000. Although the number of sparrows remains stable in the last few years, sparrows always face one challenge in September, i.e….

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Hong Kong private shore excursion options for 2022 Cunard world cruise passengers’ overnight stay 

Queen Elizabeth, berthing at Ocean Terminal.

Frank the tour guide’s private shore excursion will wait for Cunard cruisers in Hong Kong in 2022 Frank the tour guide always look forward to serving more travelers in 2021. Cunard Cruise has looked forward to organizing world cruise in 2022. Queen Mary 2 will have the classic world voyage in 2022.   Former British…

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Interesting back alley names after UK capital, London Lane in Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Island

Hong Kong’s short London Lane is near fishing village but it has no Buckingham Palace Although it is named after the capital city of Great Britain, former British colony Hong Kong’s London Lane on the Ap Lei Chau Island has no Buckingham Palace or Big Ben🤣!   It is only a 30-meter short back alley with only two…

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Former Kai Tak Airport’s new 13/31 runway, which is now the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, opened on 12 September in 1958

Art shows aeroplane's scaring but interesting landing on Kai Tak Airport runway

Ex-Kai Tak Airport’s famous runway opened on 12 September 1958 Former Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport’s new 13/31 runway opened on 12 September 1958. Experienced pilots took the risk to take off and land on this runway everyday up till 1998 when they got a safer, longer and newer runway at the new Hong Kong…

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Frank and parents enjoy Lobster E-Fu noodle to celebrate the relaxation of social distance rule

Frank and parents enjoy E-Fu noodle with lobster at local restaurant after the relaxation of social distancing rule

Frank the tour guide and parents eat E-Fu noodle with lobster at local restaurant to celebrate social distance rule relaxation Hong Kong SAR Government just relaxes social distance rule for restaurants. It just increases the number of people at restaurant tables from 2 to 4. Frank celebrates this relaxation with parents at local restaurant. Frank…

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Hong Kong’s Universal Community Testing Programme for Covid-19 paves the way for full recovery

Banner outside the Community test Center

Voluntary universal testing for Covid-19 lays foundation for Hong Kong’s full recovery With the help of Chinese Central Government, Hong Kong SAR Government implements the Universal Community Testing Programme for Covid-19.   This voluntary test is free of charge. It aims at finding out the asymptomatic Covid-19 infected citizens in the community.   Frank the…

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