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Hong Kong private car tour offers easy sightseeing experience to travelers with mobility issues

Hong Kong private car tour offers traveler with mobility issues and the family members easy experience.

Travelers with mobility issues get easy experience in Hong Kong private car tour It is common for people with mobility problems to travel with family members now.   However, travelers with bad legs still face the common pain points, transportation and care, during sightseeing at the destination. To enjoy the easy sightseeing trip in Hong…

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Newlyweds should book private tour during Hong Kong honeymoon trip

Newlywed can book easy Hong Kong private tour for the honeymoon trip. Photo by Living Together on StockSnap

Hong Kong private tour helps honeymooners to do sightseeing easily  Newlyweds all want to have a sweet and romantic honeymoon. However, a lot of tourists at the crowded scenic spots may bring disturbance during the couples’ sightseeing trip.   This is the common pain point for honeymooners! So when newlyweds plan their honeymoon in Hong…

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Hong Kong private car tour is a safe mini bubble inside the Air Travel Bubble for Singapore couples

A safe mini bubble inside the big travel bubble for Singapore couples, Hong Kong private car tour

A safe mini bubble inside the big travel bubble for Singapore couples, Hong Kong private car tour Normally couples like Frank the tour guide’s easy Hong Kong private car tour service because the relaxed private tour can offer the couples privacy and sense of superiority. Eligible Singapore couples, who can come to Hong Kong under…

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Tips for adults for cruising with senior parents

ICC Building, white cruise ship, cruise terminal

Learn the followings before cruising with elderly parents  The dormant cruise industry sees the dawn of revival after the commencement of Covid-19 vaccination programme. The cruise lines are selling the world cruise packages for 2022 and 2023. The grown-up sons and daughters are planning the cruise holidays with their senior parents again.   After reading…

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Let’s learn Chinese character “旅” (Brigade or Travel) and why private tour is prevailing

Travel's Chinese character

From brigade to travel, from big group tour to private car tour Chinese character “旅” (pronounces as “leoi” in Cantonese Dialect) has a military background.   It shows a 500 soldiers brigade following the army flag to have the expedition.   This looks like an old style sightseeing tour, which the regimented tourist group follows…

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