Tour guide Frank’s clients won’t need dim sum takeaway service in Hong Kong…

Counter for dim sum takeaway service at Hong Kong's local restaurant.

Easy Hong Kong full day private tour includes local dim sum lunch When you TIY (tour it yourselves), you may need to buy takeaway food for a quick lunch as you run out of valuable time!   To go sightseeing and enjoy local dim sum lunch in Hong Kong easily, you can book tour guide…

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Frank’s “Hong Kong’s Day and Night” snapshots video

“Hong Kong’s Day and Night” video of Frank the tour guide  Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “Hong Kong’s Day and Night” video. Hong Kong’s daytime view and night view are very nice.   Travelers should not miss the Symphony of Lights Laser Show.   Avenue of Stars at Tsim…

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Frank’s “Mini HK Story exhibition” snapshots video

Mini Hong Kong Story snapshots video screenshot

“Mini HK Story exhibition” video of Frank the tour guide  After visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History on 10 Oct 2021, Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “Mini Hong Kong Story exhibition” video. It is suitable to post this video on 13 Oct 2021 as the museum is closed…

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Layover travelers shouldn’t just stay at Hong Kong Airport

Layover travelers should take the chance to see Hong Kong  Hong Kong is eager to keep the status as the international aviation hub.   So Hong Kong Airport builds the third runway. The ceremony for the completion of third runway pavement was on 7 September 2021!  When everything can get back to normalcy after…

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Business travelers shouldn’t waste the sightseeing chance in Hong Kong

Apart from working, business travelers should take the chance to go sightseeing in the beautiful Hong Kong

Wasting Hong Kong sightseeing chance is business travelers’ common mistake Businessmen go to Hong Kong, the international financial center and south gate of China, to try to earn big money. However, a lot of business travelers just focus on making the big deals and forget to go sightseeing in Hong Kong.   This waste of…

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Disabled travelers shouldn’t rely on smart phone only

Over reliance on smart phone is disabled travelers' common mistake

Over reliance on smart phone is disabled travelers’ common mistake Most disabled travelers and travelers with mobility issues rely on the mobile internet and smart phone to search the travel information to TIY (tour it yourselves) at the destinations. However, over reliance on smart phone is the common mistake of disabled travelers nowadays.   The…

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Overseas Chinese travelers don’t need to DIY everything in Hong Kong

Chinese couples, park, coffee, Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Sha Tin, river view

DIY everything in Hong Kong is overseas Chinese travelers’ common mistake As a lot of overseas Chinese haven’t returned to Hong Kong or mainland China for a very long time, they have a very long to-do-list when they travel to Hong Kong.   They may want to see their relatives, go grave-sweeping, go shopping, enjoy…

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Solo travelers don’t need to order too much food in Hong Kong’s restaurants

Ordering too much food is solo travelers' common mistake. 

Ordering too much food is solo travelers’ common mistake  Tasting authentic local food is the must-do activity when solo travelers TIY (tour it yourselves) Hong Kong. However, as the single diners, solo travelers often make the common mistake at Hong Kong’s local dim sum restaurants, ordering too much food.   The restaurant managers and waiters…

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