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Hong Kong Museum of History will write a better “Hong Kong Story” permanent exhibition 

Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition will undergo a two-year renovation

Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition will undergo a two-year renovation The popular Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History has closed for renovation on 18 Oct 2020.   The museum of history is going to write a better Hong Kong Story in the coming two years by enhancing the old and adding…

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Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide will wear the made in Hong Kong CU mask to serve clients in Hong Kong SAR

Frank the tour guide wears mask with a green smiling emoji

No more label does not mean no more made in Hong Kong useful products and top-rated Frank the tour guide American Government just announced unilaterally that made in Hong Kong product cannot use “Made in Hong Kong” label anymore and they can just be labeled as “Made in China” when they are exported to the…

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