Senior travelers shouldn’t underestimate weather & transportation challenge in Hong Kong

Senior travelers should plan a relaxed and easy Hong Kong trip for themselves.

Hong Kong’s muggy weather & clumsy MTR annoy senior travelers The special colonial history, good scenery and convenient airport make Hong Kong to be a lot of senior travelers’ destination and layover stop. Made in Hong Kong Frank the tour guide discovers that senior travelers often make the common mistake in the so-called convenient Hong…

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Newlyweds should have good Hong Kong honeymoon plan

Good travel plan is vital to happy Hong Kong honeymoon 

Good travel plan is vital to happy Hong Kong honeymoon  A lot of newlyweds just focus on planning and organizing their wedding parties. They ignore the planning for the very important activity after the big day, honeymoon!   This is the common mistake for a lot of honeymooners. They just book the flight tickets and…

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Hong Kong private car tour offers easy sightseeing experience to travelers with mobility issues

Hong Kong private car tour offers traveler with mobility issues and the family members easy experience.

Travelers with mobility issues get easy experience in Hong Kong private car tour It is common for people with mobility problems to travel with family members now.   However, travelers with bad legs still face the common pain points, transportation and care, during sightseeing at the destination. To enjoy the easy sightseeing trip in Hong…

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Easy Hong Kong private tour can cater for family members’ different wants and needs

Easy Hong Kong private tour can cater for family members' different wants and needs

Families can use easy Hong Kong private tour to satisfy members’ different wants Catering family members’ different wants is the common pain point for families on vacation.   Fathers worry about sightseeing, transportation and dining arrangement. Mothers want to do more in one day to save time for shopping. Young children thirst for Ocean Park…

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Ngong Ping Big Buddha sightseeing tips on Buddha Birthday Holiday

Big Buddha close up

Sightseeing tips at Ngong Ping Big Buddha on Buddha’s Birthday Today (19 May 2021) is Buddha’s 2565th birthday!   If you want to say happy birthday to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping in Hong Kong today and in the future, please read Frank the tour guide’s post with sightseeing tips for you…   Hong…

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Check Hong Kong weather information for tourists before TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves

Hong Kong weather information for tourists page in Hong Kong Observatory website

Hong Kong Observatory’s weather information for visitors It is important for every visitors to check the weather before TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves. Everyone is equal before the weather! Even VIP visitors faced the annoying weather problems during their Hong Kong trip (For VIPs’ weather problems, please browse Frank’s another post). Hong Kong Observatory has…

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