Frank’s “Hong Kong city view” snapshots video

“Hong Kong city view” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “Hong Kong city view” video. Frank’s hometown has a wonderful cityscape. The busy lifeline of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor, is the must-see attraction.   In the densely populated Hong Kong, the tall and big buildings, skyscrapers, public…

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Frank’s “Pretty autumn blue sky” snapshots video

Pretty autumn blue sky video screenshot

“Pretty autumn blue sky” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “Pretty autumn blue sky” video. Hong Kong’s autumn is the best season for travelers.   Autumn’s weather is warm and dry.   Travelers feel very comfortable during the autumn Hong Kong trips. After watching Frank’s short video,…

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Frank’s “West Kowloon Waterfront” snapshots video

West Kowloon Waterfront video screenshot

“West Kowloon Waterfront” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make a short “West Kowloon Waterfront” video. West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade is at the West Kowloon Cultural District. Like Victoria Peak, it is a good place for travelers to see the breathtaking Victoria Harbor view and amazing sunset.   A lot…

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Frank’s “Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo” snapshots video

Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo video screenshot

“Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo” video of Frank Frank the tour guide is planning a new West Kowloon Tsuen Wan private tour itinerary. So he went to the one of the chosen sightseeing points, the pretty Lingnan Garden at Mei Foo, to take the photos for promotion and check the traffic condition. Frank shows his…

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Layover travelers shouldn’t just stay at Hong Kong Airport

Layover travelers should take the chance to see Hong Kong  Hong Kong is eager to keep the status as the international aviation hub.   So Hong Kong Airport builds the third runway. The ceremony for the completion of third runway pavement was on 7 September 2021!  When everything can get back to normalcy after…

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What is the best Hong Kong sightseeing point for cruise passengers?

When cruises sail into Hong Kong, cruise passengers can enjoy the great view.

The best Hong Kong sightseeing point for cruise passengers is Victoria Peak When the big cruises sail into the Victoria Harbor in bright sunshine, cruise passengers can enjoy Hong Kong’s good view from the cabins.   Cruisers can also see the Hong Kong skyline from a low angle at the lookout points of the Ocean…

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Easy Hong Kong private tour helps elderly overseas Chinese to realize their desire

A lot of grandpas and grandmas, who are overseas Chinese, want their grandkids to learn Chinese culture in a China trip.

Old overseas Chinese fulfill their desire in Hong Kong private tour Most senior overseas Chinese, Chinese Americans, British Chinese etc., hope they can tell their grown-up children and grandchildren their Chinese origins. However, the young and the kids may be lukewarm about the Chinese culture after eating a lot of hamburgers and fish and chips…

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Good news for visitors: Hong Kong’s foggy days decrease!

Victoria Harbor view from Stubbs Road Lookout

Hong Kong’s decrease in foggy days gladdens visitors  Data shows that Hong Kong’s foggy days decrease. This is a good news for visitors, who are eager to see Hong Kong’s skyline and enjoy the great view of Victoria Harbor at Victoria Peak.   Frank the tour guide is going to show readers the details of…

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Where did Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito go during his Hong Kong special private tour in 1921?

Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito visited Repulse Bay, Green Island, Stanley and Tai Tam Reservoir in Hong Kong in 1921.

Hirohito visited Hong Kong’s highlights and hidden gems during his special private tour in 1921 When Emperor Hirohito was just the Japanese Crown Prince in 1921, he once visited Hong Kong on his way to London.   Made in England Hong Kong Governor Stubbs became the temporary private tour guide to offer Great Britain’s VIP…

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Let’s TIY, tour the Hung Hom to Central ferry ride yourself

Travelers may take Hung Hom to Central ferry to sail across the Victoria Harbor  Taking a local ferry ride is always a good way to TIY, tour Hong Kong yourself. The Hung Hom to Central ferry, which just resumed in June 2020 mainly for the commuters, is a good choice to TIY, especially for the…

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