Tour guide Frank’s new year gift is a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot

Frank the tour guide got the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine as new year gift.

Frank the tour guide got the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine as new year gift Happy new year again! What is your new year gift for 2022? How much do you pay for it? On 1st January, tour guide Frank got a Sinovac COVID-19 booster shot as his new year present!   Like the first…

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Frank’s “Public housing in Hong Kong” snapshots video

Public housing in Hong Kong video screenshot

“Public housing in Hong Kong” video of Frank Frank the tour guide uses his snapshots to make his short “Public housing in Hong Kong” video. Hong Kong SAR Government builds a lot of public housing for about 50% of population. So public housing is an important part of Hong Kong cityscape.   Some old and…

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Foreign expats’ FAQ: What is the purpose of Hong Kong electoral system reform?

Hong Kong SAR Government website with updated information about Hong Kong's improved electoral system.

Hong Kong electoral system reform’s purpose: enhancing stability Although most foreign expats in Hong Kong cannot participate in Hong Kong’s elections, they are still concerned about the electoral system reform and its slogan “ensure patriots administering Hong Kong”! The frequently asked questions (FAQ) of foreign expats is: “What is the purpose of Hong Kong electoral…

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Does migration wave reflect Hong Kong’s dim future? NO…

Migration wave can be good to Hong Kong

Migration wave can be good to Hong Kong Recently quite a lot of Hong Kong citizens have migrated to other countries.   The migrants and their relatives cry sadly at the Hong Kong Airport Departure Hall.   There are a lot of emotional photos on the social media.   Some foreign expats may think that…

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No more Apple Daily, no more freedom of the press? Hong Kong SAR Government is still criticized daily…

Apple, green background

Hong Kong still has freedom of the press Some foreign expats in Hong Kong are afraid that Hong Kong has lost the freedom of the press after the brave pro-democracy Apple Daily stops publication.    Hong Kong Police did freeze some funds and arrest some management staff of the newspaper because of their crimes related…

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After the lucky draw for fully vaccinated Hong Kong citizens, Frank the tour guide may be able to use his new flat as the sightseeing point for his Hong Kong private tour!

Fully vaccinated Frank the tour guide may get a new flat in the lottery for Hong Kong citizens with two jabs.

Frank may show clients his new flat after the lucky draw for fully vaccinated Hong Kong citizens To support Hong Kong SAR Government’s Covid-19 Vaccination Programme, businessmen will donate one new flat worth over 10 million Hong Kong Dollar as the first prize for the fully vaccinated Hong Kong citizens in the lucky draw!  …

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Have you taken the Covid-19 vaccine? Frank the tour guide receives the first jab today!

Frank, vaccine record, logo of vaccine campaign

Frank the tour guide takes the first Covid-19 vaccine jab today Frank the tour guide receives the first jab of Covid-19 vaccine today.   Frank feels good! As Hong Kong SAR Government wants to accelerate the vaccination programme, it allows a senior vaccine receiver aged 70 or above takes the vaccine with two carers. It…

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Government’s two gifts on Everyone’s Birthday for Hong Kong citizens

selfie, Frank the tour guide, parents, eating dim sum

Hong Kong citizens get two gifts from government on People’s Day Today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year or the People’s Day. People believe that the supreme Goddess creates human on the seventh day in the first month in the Chinese calendar. So today is everyone’s birthday!   Happy Birthday to you!…

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Changes in Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year Fair create a win-win situation

2021 Chinese New Year, Cheung Sha Wan, point for selling flowers

Hong Kong Lunar New Year Fairs’ changes make a win-win situation Shopping beautiful flowers at Lunar New Year Fairs is Hong Kong citizens’ favorite activity to welcome Chinese New Year. Due to the ongoing 4th wave of Covid-19 outbreak, Hong Kong SAR Government first cancelled the fair. Later it decided to open 15 government venues for…

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Where can travelers find the toilets in Hong Kong?

Washroom sign in Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

Where should travelers go when they want a toilet in Hong Kong? Toilet is important for everyone. Finding toilet often is the pain point for travelers.   As travelers are unfamiliar with Hong Kong, it may be difficult for travelers to find the toilets, especially when travelers TIY, tour Hong Kong yourselves. Made in Hong…

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