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Short video about the fishermen in China trade art of Hong Kong Museum of Art

Sampan boat, fisherman rowing paddle

Frank’s short video about fishermen in China trade art of Hong Kong Museum of Art China trade art was produced by Western painters and local Chinese painters. They captured the life, customs and landscapes of Pearl River Delta in southern part of China in the 18th and 19th century to cater the British, European and…

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See traditional Chinese Culture at beautiful Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong

golden pavilion, red wooden bridge, trees, rocks, high rise buildings, blue sky, white cloud

See traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong at Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong is the international financial center. But you can still find the traditional Chinese cultural elements in Hong Kong. That is the Nan Lian Garden.   Although it was only built in 1998, the garden shows you the traditional wooden architecture, gardening and…

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12 things cruisers need to take notice after Covid-19

Cruise berths at the Ocean Terminal

Cruise passengers should pay attention to 12 things after Covid-19 Change is eternity. Especially after the big event, like Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of big changes have happened and are going to happen. Frank the tour guide shares the blog post of to show cruisers what 12 things they should pay attention to after…

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Let’s read Hong Kong Chapter of Book of World together after Covid-19

St Augustine quotation

Frank shares what St Augustine said for travelers and shows his concern about the world under Covid-19  Frank the tour guide agrees with St Augustine. Frank even believes the world is a tome!   If you travel more, you can see different people, cultures, religions, languages, social systems etc. Personally you learn more different knowledge….

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Frank the tour guide waits for your flight’s beautiful contrail at Hong Kong

cloud, contrail, two buildings

Frank sees aeroplane’s contrail and misses all travelers during Covid-19 outbreak Hong Kong tourism reaches the low ebb after the year long Minneapolis-style riot. It comes to a complete standstill after the world wide Covid-19 outbreak. Flights go back and forth Hong Kong International Airport reduce to the minimum. Frank the tour guide suddenly sees…

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You get your money’s worth from comprehensive Dim sum platter and Frank’s all inclusive private car tour

dim sum platter big bun, crystal cake, dumplings

Make good use of your money by ordering dim sum platter and Frank’s all inclusive private car tour The all inclusive Frank the tour guide’s private car tour looks like the comprehensive and delicious dim sum platter. You can find something good and necessary in Frank’s private car tour and dim sum platter.   One…

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Are hotel concierge and Frank the tour guide’s tour omnipotent? No

Frank the tour guide with clients, male hotel receptionist, female hotel concierge staff

Hotel concierge and Frank the tour guide’s tour are not omnipotent Some travelers think that the hotel concierge and Frank the tour guide’s tour can help them to do everything.   Actually that is false. Frank shares Smarter Travel’s post to show you what hotel concierge can or cannot do for travelers. Frank also states…

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When Birdie Emerald goes to bed at sunset, Frank’s clients begin their night tour

bird, fall asleep

The time for Frank’s Birdie Emerald has a nice dream is the time for Frank’s clients to have night tour At around sunset, Frank’s pet Birdie Emerald waits for someone to clean the bird cage and then sleep. At the same time, Frank’s clients wait for the start of the private car night tour.  …

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Localized Western food shows Hong Kong’s mix and match culture

spaghetti, steak, lemon tea, bread with egg

See Hong Kong city’s mix and match culture from the localized Western food Hong Kong culture is not totally Chinese or Western. Hong Kong’s culture is the mix and match of the Chinese and Western culture. From the localized Western foods in Hong Kong eateries, you can see what Hong Kong culture is. Frank’s short…

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Plan your Maldives private villas trip with stopover tour at Hong Kong

sky, sea, resort

Stopover tour at Hong Kong before enjoying yourself at Maldives private villas Planning is important for the future. So even under Covid-19 related lock down, you can plan your future long haul trip. Maldives, the pretty nation with one island one resort in Indian Ocean, just reopened to travelers on 15 July 2020. (read CNN’s…

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